Thanks to the BMW 325 Cup race series, which has gained great popularity, in 2022 the race organizers are starting with a new race series that requires a smaller budget - the BMW 116 Trophy. Only BMW E87 cars with identical 1600cc petrol engines participate in the competition.

Thanks to the small budget for the race, the organizers have no doubts about the success of this class in the Baltic countries. The BMW 116 Trophy racing series has already gained great popularity in England and Finland.

The technical regulations of the race draw clear limits for car modifications. Cars compete with identical tires, identical shock absorbers and identical brakes.

In 2021, a brake pad competition was held for this class. received an excellent rating and became the mono brake pad in this class from 2022.

More information about the BMW 116 TROPHY can be found on the page of the race organizer:

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